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Have you ever wondered what the point of your life is? What were humans made for? What is the reason for our earthly existence? These are a few fundamental yet thought-provoking questions that bother every soul in this world and keep them curious to find their true motto in life. However, answering these perplexing queries isn’t as straightforward as one might hope. People feel that there should be an X on the roadmap of life that vividly steer them where to go and how to get there, but things just aren’t that simple.

People might come to wonder about the meaning of life for various reasons. Maybe they’re just naturally curious, or perhaps a recent family tragedy has caused them to reexamine their beliefs, or perhaps they’re depressed and searching for a new purpose in life. Whatever the reasons behind the idea, the real quest is to determine how to find the true purpose of life that fits a person’s lifestyle, principles, desires, and, most importantly, their presumed comprehension of what reality is.

Answers to this always-important question can be found in everything from science to religion, to internal and external reality, to logic and the unknown. However, the book “The Inner Light” by Abraham Sannoh makes this complex topic the easiest to comprehend and implement through his true-life story articulated in the most thought-provoking manner. With his profound understanding of life, he jots down some of the most fundamental reasons for existence, steers readers all the way to attain them, and answers the most baffling question: What is the purpose of life?

· Being Truly Happy and Contented

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

– Denis Waitley

One of the most obvious conclusions we can draw is the need to be happy. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to discover happiness since we don’t know what it is. Finding out what happiness means to one is the first step in figuring out how to get it and whether or not it’s a worthy goal for their life. Identifying what it is you’re aiming toward will offer one the sense of direction you’re looking for to find an answer to the purpose of life.

· Leaving A Powerful Legacy

“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”

– Jim Rohn

Leaving a legacy is often obliquely put forth as the highest virtue in the hyper-competitive world. It is one way that makes people feel valued in society and be remembered after they have gone. However, this doesn’t demand one achieve something on a grand scale, such as building a business empire or becoming a successful athlete. It could simply mean starting a family, spreading love and kindness, leaving a positive impact on the people around us, and making the world a slightly better place than when you came here.

· Loving Others and Tuning Hurts into Healing

“Not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but ultimately, they are indistinguishable.”

– M. Scott Peck

Every religion, belief, community, and significant philosophy has espoused the importance of love. Loving people is a powerful healing agent that can cure the incurables, connect the shattered souls, mend the broken hearts and revive the dead hope. Once people start to love unconditionally, their environment naturally inclines towards better stability and carves immaculate positivity in their perspectives.

· Creating Self-Made Meaning in Life

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning, and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

– Joseph Campbell

The purpose of life is to create one’s own meaning and bring it to fruition. A person can shape life with the choices he makes in life to live the way he wants. Therefore, choosing the purpose wisely and making the right choices is significant to leading a meaningful life and leaving behind a powerful legacy for others to follow.

Once a person unfolds his purpose in life and moves in the right direction, they will certainly find others traveling along, hoping to reach the same destination – a path filled with love, peace, and ultimate success.

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