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Success is what motivates all to strive for more in life, but how do we get there? It takes more than outlining goals and wishing upon stars to get results. It always boils down to the three most powerful P words: Passion, Patience, and Persistence, which I call the 3Ps of success.

The most profound comprehension of these 3 magical Ps with exquisite articulation can be found nowhere else except in the book “The Inner Light” by the author Abraham Sannoh. He is the true embodiment of patience, passion, and perseverance regardless of the relentless hurdles he faced along the way. Through his book, he passes down to his readers the secret to owning the success as he did. Despite facing calamities, wars, and intense hardships, he not only kept his composure but strived persistently to harness the powers of these 3 Ps to attain the success that he has now: a successful owner of two companies and a highly anticipated author of all time. The book serves as a guide for all to cross life’s bumpy roads while embodying the following three mystical secrets to ultimate prosperity.

So, let’s discuss these fundamental traits as discussed by Sannoh in his book to achieve what it takes to be truly successful.

1. Passion

Energy, motivation, and focus on getting things done fuel passion, and that will help you achieve anything you want to do in life. It’s the flame that keeps the fire going in all respects of our lives. And that flame needs to be nurtured in our relationships, goals, and inspirations. Often our lives get entangled in the mundane. We live each day working, eating, and sleeping without giving a single thought to our core happiness. Take the time to find what makes you tick, happy, and thrive. Find your passion.

2. Patience

Patience means not expecting exceptional success right out of the gate. It means recognizing you’ll have to put in the time if you want to see results. Most of us measure our success on the parameters set by others. No wonder some feel like failures. It’s okay if you have a passion for something but aren’t good at it. Be patient, practice more, and you will undoubtedly reap its fruitful results.

3. Perseverance

What if we have patience and passion, yet we still somehow fail? That’s where perseverance comes in handy. It takes persistence and determination to take control and make things go your way. It takes dedication and follow-through to do anything. If something is worth it for you, it’s worthy of pursuing. Your passion for doing well is real. Trust it. You may even be more successful than you have ever dreamt of.

It is these magical three Ps that made famous personalities like Hellen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, and endless others reach the precipice of greatness. When Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer of all time, was inquired about any aspect in particular that he liked the most during his training, he replied: “I hated every minute of training, but I said to myself, ‘Don’t quit, suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”

Remember that failure occurs the moment we quit trying. Choose to be a fighter, and soon, success will undoubtedly kiss your feet.

Life, sometimes, throws a wrench in your plans. But you have a choice about how you interpret every turn of events. It’s up to you whether you see it as a sign to give up or see it as a sign to learn, adapt, and forge ahead to pave your way to nothing but ultimate success. The choice is yours!

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