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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

We all have big dreams for which we thrive to our full potential to succeed. However, we often forget the difficulties lying in the path to success. There is no shortcut to it. But we, as humans, are designed to have impulsive nature. We set goals and want to achieve fruitful results right away, forgetting that failure plays a vital part in leading us to the precipice of triumph. But have you ever wondered how some prominent figures achieved such a pinnacle of success? What did they do that set them apart from the rest of us? And how do they stay composed and positive when faced with failure? The book “The Inner Light,” written by Abraham Sannoh, is the final answer to all your anomalies and gives everyone the ultimate recipe to success: perseverance.

In this exemplary and thought-provoking autobiography, the author conveys a powerful message that despite having to go through tremendous struggles, he still identifies the way to achieve tranquility and defies every obstacle that comes in his way to success. Persistence was the only key that led him to unlock all the doors of opportunities and make success his destiny. He worked relentlessly from the age of as early as five years, staying true to his goals, faith, and steadfastness, to becoming the owner of two successful companies and a highly renowned author too. So, if he can, then why not any of us! In his book, he sheds his knowledge on the readers to unlock the doors of victory with the secret ingredient of perseverance.

The book delivers great pieces of advice for anyone who seeks perfection but finds no energy, path, or motivation to work on it. It says that failure at the start often leads to frustration, shattering your self-confidence and motivation to move on. At some point, you might consider giving up on your dreams. However, we need to understand the fact that success is not a one-way path or a straight line to reach your desired destinations. It’s a muddled road with various ups and downs, massive traffic of obstacles, difficulties, and oppositions along the way. You might fall or get lost along the way.

Nevertheless, all that matters is getting back on your knees, standing tall, and continuing. You will eventually reach your destination. This is what perseverance is all about; grinding for your goals and not giving up, despite getting unlikely outcomes.

“Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

–Napoleon Hill

Hence, it doesn’t matter what your goal is or how long it takes you to reach one. Your success depends primarily on your willingness to persist and persevere. If you genuinely want something but quit, you’ll never know if it would’ve come true for you. All it takes is one “yes” for your dreams to become a reality. So, go chase for it, and don’t ever stop trying!

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