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Attract Opportunity, Foster Empowerment, and Yield Lasting Prosperity.


Abraham is a certified executive business and life coach with over 5 years of coaching experience. Through his simple approach to coaching, Abraham has helped countless individuals discover the powerful tools that are already at their disposal. Abraham is a natural at connecting with people of all ages, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds. Some frequently say that Abraham has “never met a stranger.” This is due to his ability to instantly connect with people at every level through his own commitment to himself to “Love Fearlessly and Live Fully” in his quest to “Let go of Fear and Mastering the Act of Love.” Which he so desires to share with the world.

You Have a Gifts, Talents, and Knowledge:

Through his approach to coaching Abraham uses those amazing tools to help individuals, couples, organizations, and families to find the path that’s destined for them. Abraham works to identify methods that are best suited for your situation, as not all circumstances are the same. As a successful entrepreneur with ownership of 3 successful businesses and an accomplished author, Abraham has a wealth of wisdom to share with you and the world.

Abraham is committed to teaching you the true power of the mind, enabling you to transmute your deepest desires into your physical reality. Your journey toward personal and professional greatness starts here. Abraham knows that if you have a desire then you have a life worth living. He looks forward to formally introducing himself to you, your family, organization, and walking the journey to a peaceful prosperous life together.


Personalized private sessions designed to help you overcome self-doubt and identify
opportunity for growth. A powerful choice for self-reflection and personal development.


Social sessions comprised of intimate groups of like-minded individuals who share a common goal. Ideal for entrepreneurs, and highly motivated career-driven people.


An extremely effective tool for laying the foundations of success in relationships. Perfect for establishing better communication, support and understanding in any relationship.


A relationship between two or more people is a symbol that reflects strength, rather than weakness, unity, rather than separation, and love, rather than fear.


Our goal at The Starting Point coaching is to help leaders and businesses articulate their vision and communication skills that work to achieve engagement in personal and professional growth.


The creative power of life is one that is unexplainable. We invite you to come in with an open mind, open heart, and the willingness to be in the present without the past.


Understanding our clients is an important step in the process of reviewing their true potential. The methods we use allow us to find a pathway forward through the client's own agency.


Communication is the cornerstone to all achievements. The link between the mind, the heart, and the spirit that connects us to the universe and others.