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About Abraham Sannoh


This rising star is truly an extraordinary person. Being a great leader, Abraham must learn everything from the ground and apply every lesson to himself in his pursuit to fulfilling his life’s work.

In this exemplary and thought-provoking autobiography, the author conveys a powerful message that despite having to go through tremendous struggles, he still identifies the way to achieve tranquility and defies every obstacle that comes in his way to success. Persistence was the only key that led him to unlock all the doors of opportunities and make success his destiny. He worked relentlessly from the age of as early as five years, staying true to his goals, faith, and steadfastness, to becoming the owner of two successful companies and a highly renowned author too. So, if he can, then why not any of us! In his book, he sheds his knowledge on the readers to unlock the doors of victory with the secret ingredient of perseverance.

A man of Family, Faith, Love, and Determination, Abraham Sannoh made his own way in the world of life today. His Faith not only in God but himself and his journey toward success kept him preserving through even the most adverse situations in life. Abraham has always been a believer in the fact that hope is the one weapon you need to survive even the worst that this world has to offer you. Having made a life even after being born in a hopeless environment in Liberia, Abraham has now created a blissful and content life for himself. From darkness to light, hate to love, conflict to peace, Abraham Sannoh who grew up in the middle of 3 civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, has had his fair share of challenges we face in this world. But his determination to love fearlessly and live fully has proven to be stronger than any circumstances this world threw at him. 3 civil wars were not enough to break his will, hit within his own family of origin could not consume him to bitterness, and poverty from where he came could not limit his imagination for a wealthier and prosperous life.

Today Abraham enjoys a life filled with love within his own family of origin, a peace that brings about the calmness of heart and clarity of mind, and blessings that are filled with abundance in every aspect of his life. Abraham is a successful Entrepreneur, Author, Executive Life, and Business Coach and finally living his dream as an Empowering Motivational Speaker to people of all ages. With a focus on uniting families, communities, countries, and hopefully the world. Abraham is a walking testimony of the power of thoughts as it relates to our minds. He’s proof that it does not matter where you start, you can become anything you imagine for yourself and the people around you.

Learn about the enthralling tale that highlights the struggles, difficulties, wins, losses, achievements, and every experience that made Abraham the successful, happy, and peaceful man that he is today. Read his book (The Inner Light) to learn how life can through you the biggest curveballs, but if you have the fortitude to survive even the harshest weather of life, you can still thrive and find your peace in the world.

“Our Only Limitations Are the Ones We Set Up in Our Own Minds.” Napoleon Hill.